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libpondyparser is yet another multi-core C++ parser threaded propagation library using Markov Models. This library packages a keyword reference counted parser library using threads which are progagated with reinforcement learning.

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  •  22 Dec 2013 17:31

Release Notes: The library can now be used by implementing operators to transform between states and steering the rest of the forked parser among other things.

  •  22 Dec 2013 17:30

Release Notes: The Markov chain and lindemayer API is in place. Operator work for the adaptive system approach to multi-process parsing isdone.

  •  21 Dec 2013 08:14

    Release Notes: A bug in template instantiations was fixed in the library core.

    •  08 Oct 2013 00:29

      Release Notes: Markov n x m matrix code was added. This is for propagation of parse processes.

      •  06 Oct 2013 15:58

      Release Notes: This is a small bugfix release; the INSTALL file has been fixed, and the configure script installs now.


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